Competition/Centre Rules

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Centre Rules

At Saturday morning competitions and representing Albury Little Athletics at Open Day Competitions, Region and State we encourage athletes from all age groups to abide by the rules and regulations of the Victorian Little Athletics Association.

  • Little Athletics Victoria expects all members to comply with the Code of Conduct. Appropriate action may be taken in the case of any breaches of the Code of Conduct. Little Athletics Victoria and Albury Little Athletics will ensure that all athletes, coaches, spectators, parents, officials and administrators are not prone to sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse or emotional abuse. They will ensure that all persons are included, protected and not discriminated against in any manner.
  • Code of Conduct
  • PARENT RESPONSIBILITY: Athletes MUST be supervised at ALL times at Saturday competition and Wednesday night training. If it is not possible for you to be in attendance with your athlete, you are required to arrange for another adult to be responsible for your athlete and let your athletes team manager know. Please do not drop off your child without making prior arrangements for their care as this will result in your child being excluded from competition until an adult responsible for their care returns.
  • Parent participation is essential. We are volunteers who rely on parent participation to be able to run our centre.
  • Misbehaviour: The committee has the discretion to disqualify any athlete who is behaving inappropriately from competing in an event/s. athletes who persistently misbehave may be suspended from all activities by the centre executive.
  • Footwear: Athletes must wear runners at all times during competition. NO BARE FEET are permitted.
  • Spikes: may be worn from U12 (max length 7mm) in all laned events, javelin and jumping events. U11 athletes may wear spikes in high jump and javelin only. SPIKES MUST BE REMOVED AT THE COMPLETION OF EACH EVENT.
  • Crouch starts: It is compulsory for all competitors from U12 to crouch start in all laned events.
  • Blocks: are compulsory from U12 fro all laned events when wearing spikes.
  • Sun smart: Albury Little Athletics centre recommends the wearing of T-Shirts, hats and SPF30+ sunscreen in keeping with the Anti Cancer Council recommendation and LAVIC sun protection policy. Sun Smart Policy.
  • Records: are recognised on Saturday Alexandra Park only and must be verified by a committee member or the record will be invalid.
  • Child Protection Policy: Child Protection Policy
  • Working with Childrens Check: If you volunteer to be an age group co-ordinator, team manager, coach or offical it is LAVic’s requirements that you hold a Victorian Working With Children’s accreditation. This is to be verified and recorded by our Child Protection Officers at the start of the season. These check are free and the club can inform you on the process to get one. You can read more about these checks here: Working with Children’s check.
  • Information on how to get your Working with children’s check or renew click here: Renew or Apply Working with Children’s Check.
Competition Rules

Competition Rules: Competition Rules & Regulations

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