2018/19 Season Pricing

Early Bird Pricing – If you register between August 20 – November 1st you get the early bird prices!

  • 1 athlete – $130
  • 2 athletes – $125 each
  • 3 athletes – $120 each
  • 4 or more athletes $110 each

2 or more athletes applies to family registrations.

Registration costs after November 1st

  • 1 athlete – $135
  • 2 athletes – $130 each
  • 3 athletes – $125 each
  • 4 or more athletes $ 115 each

2 or more athlete pricing applies to family registrations.

Don’t forget we are registered for the Active kids Vouchers you can use these when registering for season 2018/19. To apply for the Active Kids Vouchers follow this link: Active Kids Voucher

Keeping the fee lower at $135 as an annual fee in comparison to other sporting groups makes Athletics one of the most affordable sports locally. Your annual registration fee gives access to the full summer competition (October – March) plus any cross country events during the ‘off’ season. Albury Little Athletics Centre also offers free weekly training sessions and there is no extra weekly costs.

A very general example in comparison to other sports is:

Sporting Type Fee Paid Each
Albury Little Athletics Centre $135 Year
plus any extra optional competitions
Gymnastics $150+ Term
Football $100 Year
plus $12+ weekly entry fee
Swimming $130+ Term
Dancing** $85-$230 Term
**Some classes may cost more depending on the amount of hours per week