Northern Country Region Relay Carnival

Congratulations to the 24 teams that represented Albury at the Northern Country Region Relays Carnival at Shepparton 22nd November 2018. We had 24 teams with 20 placings from the Albury team!! 4 Gold, 12 silver and 4 Bronze! 8 of our teams automatically qualified for the State Championships in Melbourne. Congratulations to the following athletes who represented our centre:

Chaise Ravenna, Jack Abbruzzese, Noah Boyd, Billy Hall, Jasmine Poulton, Isabelle Muntz, Ned Sproule, Harrison Aldridge, Kijana McCowan, Philippa Besford, Isabella Amery, Grace McCourt, Luke Wilson, Preston Sandland, Elton Sandland, Cooper Hall, Jacinta Clarke, Hope Souhrada, Dominic Korzeniowski, Darcy Balentine, Logan Sandland, Jayden Wayenberg, Sharni Cardona, Millah Ravenna, Hamali Binding, Aleria McCowan, Isabelle Smilie, Darrah Andrews, Zoe Thompson, Ruby McCourt, Jacinda Hawkins, Holly Cooper, Chloe Mulloy, Jasmine Rochow. Also Liam Schofield, Gabriella Amery and Matisse Ravenna who competed as part of the Northern Country Region relay teams.