Weekly Centre Competition

Athletes must wear their name and age group Subway patch attached to the front of their T-shirts on Saturdays. This is a requirement of our sponsors and you will not be allowed to compete without these. New athletes will receive their Subway patch upon full registration. If you loose your subway patch throughout the season a replacement can be organised with our registrar at the cost of a gold coin donation to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

  • Centre programs commence at 9.00 sharp after warm up – Due to Covid 19 restrictions there will be no morning muster.
  • Programs rotate in numeric order unless otherwise specified.
  • Missed or cancelled programs will be run on the next centre program day.
  • Programs can be changed at the discretion of committee. 
  • U6 and U7 athletes will participate in On Track skills within their program rotation.
  • U8 to U16 athletes will follow the set program.
  • Records are recognised on a Saturday morning competitions at Les O’Brien Athletics Precinct but must be verified and signed off by a committee member to be valid.